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Sumate "Alma de Blues"

17 de mayo de 2011

Oscar Aleman - Vida Con Swing (With English Subtitles) DVDRIP


The incredible life story of a man who overcame his pain and anguish is recorded in the documentary. And that was his intention to live and her innate talent that the forces of fate could not resistirsele. And it is as a reference to respect in the jazz world that everyone wanted to take his band. And me, as a viewer led to the illusion and the frustration of not having had the opportunity to attend some of their shows.
Oscar Aleman - Swinging Life (Argentine - 2002)
Hernan Gaffet. Recherche, scenario et montage: Hernan Gaffet. Locution - lecteur: Quique poids. Photo: Gustavo Ferrada. Son: Sebastian Zottolla. b> Temoignages: Jorgelina Aleman (petite-fille de la chanteuse et Oscar Aleman), Carlos Garaycochea (comedien), Jorge “Black” Gonzalez (musicien), Nano Herrera (journaliste) Duree: 104 minutes

DVDRIP 1 LINK (With English Subtitles)

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