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Sumate "Alma de Blues"

16 de julio de 2010

Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria London (2003) DVDRIP

Steve Vai is a world-renowned virtuoso guitarist, captured here at the London Astoria on December 6 and 7th, 2001. With a tight band backing him, Vai lets loose with some awesome fretboard action, some of which will leave guitar aficionados gobsmacked. Two Hendrix songs are covered ("Fire," and "Little Wing") as well as some original songs including "Shy Boy," "Blue Powder," "For The Love of God," "The Attitude Song," and many more.

1. Shyboy
2. Giant Balls Of Gold
3. Erotic Nightmares
4. Blood And Glory
5. Dave-s Party Piece
6. Blue Powder
7. The Crying Machine
8. The Animal
9. Bangkok
10. Tony-s Solo
11. Bad Horsie
12. Chameleon
13. Down Deep Into The Pain
14. Fire
15. Little Wing
16. Whispering A Prayer
17. Incantation (with drum solo)
18. Jibboom
19. For The Love Of God
20. Liberty
21. The Attitude Song


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